Shut down PC at the same time on a certain day of the week or every day – Help

Using the “Schedule” tab, it is possible to set the unlimited amount of tasks. It can help you to execute the shutdown of computer on a certain day of the week at the set time. For example, you can set the shutdown of computer from Monday to Friday at 6:00 PM, and on Saturday at 5:00PM. It is also possible to set the shutdown of computer on a certain day, for example, to execute the Hibernate mode at 3:00PM, December 12, 2012. Or it is possible to execute the action every day at the set time, for example, to start the alarm clock at 8:30 AM. On the “Schedule” tab, you can also choose some other actions, except the computer shutdown, such as: alarm clock, disconnection of the Internet connection, closure of the chosen program, start of the chosen program.
For adding a task it is necessary:
1. On the “Schedule” tab click the “Add Task” button.
2. Choose the date or day of the week.
3. Choose the task time.
4. Choose the necessary action, such as Power off, Restart, Log off, Monitor Power off, Hibernate, Text message, Alarm clock, Disconnection of the Internet connection, Program Start, Program Close.
5. Click the “OK” button.