Shut down your PC if the CPU is inactive – Help

The computer shutdown will be performed when the CPU is idle for some specified minutes. For example, if in course of 2 minutes the processor will not be used for more than 20 percent, the shutdown will be executed, if the load of the processor will exceed 20%, then the CPU Timer will begin the counting out from the very beginning. For a successful shutdown of the computer within two minutes, the load of the processor must not exceed 20%.
For a low loading of the CPU it is comfortable to use the shutdown of computer, when you do not know exactly, when it is necessary to execute the Windows shutdown, and also, when computer executes the work that greatly loads the CPU (For example, verification of the computer for viruses, 3D visualization, defragmentation).
For the usage of the CPU Timer is needed:
1. Choose “CPU Idle” on the Timers tab.
2. Choose the time in the course of which, for a successful shutdown of the computer, the CPU loading must not exceed the limit.
3. Choose the percent of the CPU usage, at exceeding of which the timer will be reset.
4. Choose the necessary action.
5. Click the “Start” button.